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Chapter Twenty

As the boys reached a pause in their conversation, Evelyn floated into the center of the room, still smiling as she came to a stop in front of the trio of teenagers. “Um… hey, guys.” She said, with a friendly … Continue reading

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Chapter Nineteen

With the camping trip over, Lucas and Evelyn easily fell back into their usual routines. Every week, Lucas went to school, did his homework, worked at the diner, and spent time with his friends (with strict adult supervision – Lucas’ … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighteen

When Lucas finally returned to the campsite, the afternoon sun was already high in the sky. He found his friends seated around the firepit, cooking various things over the fire for lunch. He gave them a quick nod of acknowledgement … Continue reading

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Chapter Seventeen

Lucas stepped through the undergrowth, nervous. Not many had ever ventured this deep into the forest. He held his breath in anticipation as he emerged through the opening and into the sunlight. What he found on the other side was … Continue reading

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Chapter Sixteen

Lucas awoke the next morning with a pounding headache. He lay in his sleeping bag for a while, surrounded by the passed-out forms of his friends, replaying what had happened the night before. He still felt so angry at the … Continue reading

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Chapter Fifteen

Lucas breathed in deeply, taking in the fresh mountain air around him. It had been so long since he’d been able to enjoy the outdoors like this. He never realized how much he’d missed it. The old van had pulled … Continue reading

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Chapter Fourteen

“So you’ll call us as soon as you get there?” Damien leaned toward his son as he spoke. “If I still have reception, sure…” “And who’s going, again?” Becca chimed in. “Just some friends from school. Noah, Sam… You’ve met … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirteen

Lucas yawned as he trudged down the stairs, no longer wearing his itchy work uniform. He’d just returned home from a long shift at the restaurant to find that both of his parents had gone to bed early. That’ll give … Continue reading

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Chapter Twelve

After that night, things did not change quite as much as either Lucas or Evelyn expected. They still spent as much time together as they could, and they spent their time doing the same activities. They listened to music together, … Continue reading

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Chapter Eleven

What am I gonna do? Evelyn spent all day sitting alone in the darkness, trying to figure out how she could face Lucas again. He must hate me… She thought miserably. And could she really blame him? She’d rejected him … Continue reading

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