Chapter Thirty-Eight

Lucas barely slept at all that night. All he could think of was Evelyn.

How could I do that to her? He asked himself again and again.

He should have talked to her sooner. He should have told her how he was feeling. He should have been honest with her… And now it was too late.

08-11-15_1-01 PM

The next morning, Lucas did not feel any better. He went through his morning routine in a daze, his mind still far away. “…I wish I never met you, Lucas. I really do.” Evelyn’s words played on repeat, cutting him deeper and deeper each time.

She can’t mean that… He tried telling himself. Can she?

08-11-15_1-07 PM

As Lucas headed to work, his mind was still racing with guilt and doubt. What if it wasn’t too late? Maybe he and Evelyn could still make it work… But was that what he really wanted? It was a question he was too afraid to answer.

As his thoughts began to wander, Lucas found himself thinking of Melanie. He thought of the perfect day they’d shared yesterday, and how quickly he had ruined everything with his reaction to her kiss. She probably hates me too, at this rate… He thought miserably.

But maybe it wasn’t too late to fix things with her either… But was that what he really wanted? Why is this so damn hard?

08-11-15_1-09 PM

Lucas struggled to focus during the first several hours of his shift, weighing his options carefully in his mind.

He thought of Evelyn. Evelyn, who knew him better than anyone else ever could. Evelyn, who had helped him through so much over their years together. Evelyn, who was so smart, and beautiful, and caring, and creative. Evelyn, who he’d always dreamed of being with forever. Evelyn, who he had been in love with since before he even understood what ‘love’ really was.

Then, he thought of Mel. Mel, who it felt like he had known his entire life. Mel, who managed to brighten his every day, no matter what. Mel, who was so clever, and funny, and beautiful, and kind. Mel, who still gave him butterflies every time she smiled. Mel, who, he now realized, he had loved since the first night he met her.


When the time came for Lucas’ dinner break, he pulled out his cellphone, sighing. I have to do the right thing. He told himself.

08-11-15_1-12 PM




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5 Responses to Chapter Thirty-Eight

  1. Wow! i wonder what he’ll do! Will he leave Mel or Ev? This is all so suspenseful!


  2. Jes2G says:

    Oh my goodness. The next chapter is available now, but I’m still nervous! lol

    What is the site you made the text on? I finally thought up a scenario I could have one!


  3. lovesstorms says:

    I think I know what he’s going to do. But we’ll see…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ARoseInBloom says:

    Hopefully he’ll tell Mel the truth so she doesn’t get cornered by a sad/angry ghost one night when she stays at his house and finds out the truth then and hates him even more because he would deserve it at this rate!! *breathes*

    Lucas…I hope you learned your lesson on secret keeping.

    Liked by 1 person

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