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Interlude: Goodbye

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Chapter Eighty-Eight

Lucas shifted somewhat uncomfortably in his seat and watched as Melanie smiled up at the young woman who stood before them. “Thank you for everything, Stephanie.” His wife said warmly. “We really appreciate it.” “My pleasure.” The young woman smiled … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-Seven

“And I didn’t even tell you the best part — He said he’s getting married next month. Can you believe it?” Krystina asked, shaking her head as she finished the story. “Wow… That’s great!” Evelyn replied instinctively, then hesitated for a moment, … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-Six

Lucas let out a soft yawn and sat up slowly, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. His lower back ached slightly as he did so, and he couldn’t help but wince at the pain. I’m getting so damn … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-Five

Evelyn stared down at the cluster of odd-looking flowers below her. Their bright pink petals contrasted sharply with their unusual center discs, each one distinctly resembling an empty-eyed skull. The longer the ghost stared at them, the more it felt … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-Four

There’s the river… Lucas thought as he walked slowly along the grassy trail. I must be close… He lingered by the water for a moment, glancing down into the slow current below. Is it here? He wondered. Was this where … Continue reading

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Interlude: Search

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Chapter Eighty-Three

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the large living room as both Lucas and Danica struggled to control their giggles. “No way!” The little girl gasped out through her laughter. “Did that really happen, Auntie Ev?” “Well, it was a … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-Two

The passage was much shorter than Krystina had expected, and she soon emerged on the other side to a beautiful sunlit clearing. There were large blue butterflies fluttering through the air; colorful and exotic-looking plants scattered all around; a crystal-clear lake … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty-One

Just as they’d promised, Krystina and Mitch thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their stay in Granite Falls. They laughed together trying to figure out how to put up their tent; took a long hike over the rocky cliffs by the stream; … Continue reading

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