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“Extras” Update: Screenshotting Guide & Collaboration

Two new updates have been added to the “Extras” section of my blog! The Videos section has been updated to feature a guide/tutorial showing the mods and cheats I use to make my screenshots. A lot of the information is … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

Hello, everyone! Thank you SO much for all the love and kind words everyone has given me as we reached the conclusion of Dust to Dust. It means the world to me! I thank you, and so do my characters … Continue reading

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———————————————————— **If you enjoyed Dust to Dust (which I really hope you did!) I’d love for you to consider checking out my legacy story, Ashes to Ashes, which follows Krysti’s son/Lucas’ grandson Alex as we continue to explore the lives of … Continue reading

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Chapter One Hundred

Lucas’ brow furrowed in confusion as he squeezed the pink udder a second time, then a third. Nothing. “What the Hell…” The old man muttered under his breath, staring up at the Dionaea Taurus as its vine-like tail slowly moved … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Nine

The sound of the wind whistling softly through the trees reached the ghost’s ears as he curiously scanned his new surroundings. Very slowly, his eyes began to adjust to the dim light, and he soon realized why the long hedge, … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Eight

Though the forest around her had been eerily silent and still as she’d crossed through the passageway, the clearing Evelyn found on the other side was bursting with sound and movement as she emerged. There was a beautiful rushing waterfall … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Seven

The stars above twinkled brilliantly in the clear black sky. The night sky back in Newcrest had always been lovely. But this… This was unbelievable. He was right. Evelyn thought, amazed as she stared up at the thousands of twinkling … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Six

A soft groan escaped the girl’s lips as her eyes fluttered open, staring up at the empty white ceiling above. Her entire body felt weak and achy, and her mind was lost in a fog of half-remembered dreams. Evelyn lay … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Five

Evelyn smiled softly to herself as she emerged from the darkness of her grave and glanced at the empty yard around her. She tilted her head back and looked up at the stars above. Another clear night. The girl thought … Continue reading

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Chapter Ninety-Four

“I’m telling you, it moved!” “Ev, it was just the wind.” “No, look. You’ll see.” Lucas and Evelyn had been checking up on some of the other plants in the garden when Evelyn cried out in excitement. She insisted that she’d … Continue reading

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