“Extras” Update: Screenshotting Guide & Collaboration

Two new updates have been added to the “Extras” section of my blog!

The Videos section has been updated to feature a guide/tutorial showing the mods and cheats I use to make my screenshots. A lot of the information is probably things you’re already aware of, but hopefully there is something there that’s new! (Or, at the very least, hopefully you will be entertained by my rambling! :P)

Also, the Crossovers, Cameos, and Collaborations section has been updated to include an awesome collaboration I completely forgot to put there from back in October — BBQPenguinWings’ Spookytacular, featuring Krystina! 🙂

There will be another update to the “Extras” section coming tomorrow (11/29), so be on the lookout! I will be doing a very special video for this one, and I am hoping to feature some simselves from my readers! If you are on the Sims forums you’ve probably seen me make this announcement before! But just in case, if you have a TS4 simself that you would like to make an appearance in tomorrow’s “goodbye” video, please let me know your userID so I can find you and download you into my game. Thanks everyone!

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4 Responses to “Extras” Update: Screenshotting Guide & Collaboration

  1. My origin id is the same as the forums. My simselves are up there

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