Announcement: Anniversaries & Reflections!

Hello everyone! 🙂

Believe it or not (I know I don’t!), today (May 24th) marks 6 months since the Epilogue of Dust to Dust was posted. I still cannot thank all of you enough for your support, including new readers who have found my story during that time! Knowing that people are still enjoying and being touched by my story even months later means so much to me.

We also have another “anniversary” coming up — 7 weeks from today, on July 11th, it will be the one-year anniversary of the day I published the first chapter of Dust to Dust!

As a way of “celebrating” a bit, starting next week, I will be doing weekly reflection post leading up to the one-year anniversary! 🙂 Each reflection post will focus on a different section of the story, and I will share some behind-the-scenes info, as well as thoughts about the story as I look back nearly a year later!

I am planning on doing these posts every Monday, and readers are welcome to comment/share their thoughts too, and also participate in the discussion on my Dust to Dust thread over at the TS4 forums. 

Thank you again for all your support, and I look forward on reflecting back on this story with all of you!


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2 Responses to Announcement: Anniversaries & Reflections!

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary of Dust to Dust, Amanda! What an amazing story you’ve written for all of us. Long live Lucas and Evelyn! 🙂

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