Becca Ainsworth

WARNING: This page contains SPOILERS! If you would like to avoid spoilers, please skip ahead to the “History” section of this profile and only read that 🙂

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Name: Becca Ainsworth (née Davis)

Age: 87 (Deceased)

Traits: Muser, Creative, Bookworm, Ambitious

Aspiration: Bestselling Author

Occupation: Writer

Spouse: Damien Ainsworth (deceased)

Children: Lucas Ainsworth

Grandchildren: Krystina Ainsworth

History: Born in Willow Creek, Becca moved to Oasis Springs with her family when she was just seven years old. As a child, she often kept to herself, preferring to have her nose in a good book rather than interacting much with her peers. Eventually, Becca discovered that what she loved even more than reading a good story was writing one of her own.

In high school, she found her niche by joining the school newspaper, where her short stories were published every week. Becca slowly came out of her shell, making new friends and catching the eye of the charming-yet-geeky young boy who wrote the paper’s weekly brain teasers. She and Damien started dating when they were just 15 years old, got married at 19, and have been together ever since.

Shortly before her husband graduated from medical school, Becca finally got her break, landing a contract with a well-known publishing company. Things seemed to go up from there – Damien found a decent job at the local hospital right out of school; Becca’s debut novel was well-received by critics and readers alike; and, on the day her second novel debuted at #8 on the Bridgeport Times Bestseller list, she discovered she was pregnant.

Things were great for Becca for the next ten years or so – she had her husband, her son, and a career she had always dreamed of. But things couldn’t stay perfect forever. After a successful partnership for many years, Becca lost her contract with her publishing company. She and her agent tried unsuccessfully to strike a deal, but to no avail.

Thankfully, it was not long before Becca got offered a new contract from an up-and-coming publisher located a few hours away from their home in Oasis Springs. Though she’d never been much of a fan of dealing with business long-distance, Becca was willing to try in order to keep her career afloat.

As it turned out, it wouldn’t be necessary after all — Damien found an opening for a better, higher-paying job at a hospital that just happened to be within driving distance of the new publisher’s main office. Delighted by their good fortune, Becca and Damien sold their old house, packed up their belongings, and dragged their very unhappy 11-year-old son with them to Newcrest to start their life anew.

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Becca as an adult

Becca as a young adult

Becca as a young adult

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