Camryn Gooch

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Name: Camryn Gooch (neé Chase)

Age (Current): 75 (Elder)

Traits: Alluring, Romantic, Cheerful, Materialistic

Aspiration: Soul Mate

Occupation: Business

Spouse: Noah Gooch

Children: Zane Gooch, Haylee Gooch

History: The daughter of a stay-at-home mom and a wealthy businessman, Camryn (along with her three siblings) has lived in Newcrest her entire life. From a very young age, her father has taught her the importance of hard work, dedication, and earning a living. Camryn has grown up living in the lap of luxury, and hopes to keep it that way by following the lessons her father has taught her.

The only thing she and her father don’t see eye-to-eye on, it seems, is her relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Noah Gooch. Mr. Chase has been trying to convince his daughter for years that her boyfriend has no ambition, and that she’s simply too good for him. But Camryn will have none of it.

Camryn started working as an intern at her father’s company as soon as she graduated from high school. At her insistence, her father grudgingly offered a position to Noah as well. She’s spent the past three years trying to push Noah to work hard and prove himself to her father, and, in turn, convince her father to overcome his prejudice and see the side of Noah that stole her heart in the first place.


Camryn as a young adult

Camryn as a teen

Camryn as a teen


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