Laura Stevens

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Name: Laura Stevens (neé Betts)

Age (Current): 75 (Elder)

Traits: Domestic, Clumsy, Goofball, Family-Oriented

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Occupation: None

Spouse: Sam Stevens

Children: Darcy Stevens, Elliot Stevens, Jonah Stevens

History: The middle child of five siblings, Laura has always wanted a big family of her own one day. Unlike many siblings, Laura always got along well with her brothers and sisters, and hopes that one day, her own children can experience that joy, too.

With her kind nature and great sense of humor, making friends was always easy for Laura, and from the time she was six years old, Camryn Chase was the very best of them. Laura used to worry that things would change when they got older and entered high school, but that was not the case. The two stuck together, and when Camryn started dating Noah, Laura found it easy to get along with him, too, as well as his two best friends, Sam and Lucas.

The five friends grew close as high school wore on, but it wasn’t until one drunken night on a camping trip to Granite Falls that Laura and Sam grew even closer…

Though she’s been struggling to hold a steady job since graduation, Laura has been incredibly happy, thanks to her loving relationship with her goofy and incredibly sweet boyfriend, Sam. The two have been living together for nearly a year, and Laura feels certain that he could be the one to share in her dream of starting a big, happy family.


Laura as a young adult

Laura as a teen

Laura as a teen


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  1. I love all of these character backgrounds! It adds so much depth to your story. 🙂

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