Noah Gooch

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Name: Noah Gooch

Age (Current): 75 (Elder)

Traits: Gregarious, Bro, Outgoing, Self-Assured

Aspiration: Party Animal

Occupation: Business

Spouse: Camryn Gooch

Children: Zane Gooch, Haylee Gooch

History: The only child of a single mother, Noah has lived his entire life in Newcrest, never knowing his real father. His mother always tried to do the best she could for him, but a string of deadbeat, abusive boyfriends while her son was very young put a huge strain on their relationship.

Desperate for the love and attention he felt he was not getting at home, from his very first years of school, Noah did everything in his power to gain new friends and rise through the ranks of popularity. And he was quite successful, too (though he garnered a reputation as somewhat of a troublemaker along the way).

Things got better when his mother finally married a kind, slightly older man who treated her well. It took several years to finally gain Noah’s trust, but his stepfather eventually became a welcome parental figure in Noah’s life.

Unfortunately, it was not long before Noah was faced with a new challenge concerning father-figures: winning over the father of his girlfriend, Camryn Chase.

Though he hides behind his constant smile, Noah is quietly suffering in a job he cannot stand, with a boss who hates his guts – and who also happens to be the father of the love of his life. Though he’d much rather spend his time out at the club or watching football or playing video games, Noah tries his best to take his job seriously and do all he can to impress Mr. Chase.

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Noah as a young adult

Noah as a teen

Noah as a teen

Noah as a child

Noah as a child


2 Responses to Noah Gooch

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Love his backstory! This explains a lot of his personality. And I love that he has a romantic side – struggling to prove himself to the father of his girlfriend. I hope he does well and doesn’t give up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t give up, Noah!

    Liked by 1 person

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