Crossovers, Cameos, & Collaborations

The SimLit community is amazing! I have had some lovely friends reference Dust to Dust in their stories, and others actually use my characters in their own works as well! (The Ainsworths & Evelyn are available for download on the gallery here! Please feel free to use them in your stories, and if you’d like your story featured on this page, let me know!)

Below, you will find links to some of these wonderful stories! Though I may link only to a particular chapter, I highly recommend reading these from the beginning, because they are wonderful!

Story References:

Author: ra3rei
Story: “Derelict”, Chapter 8: What if…?

Author: CathyTea
Story: “Goofy Love Legacy”, Bingeing on a Classic

Author: Julyvee94
Story: “Vee is for Vortex”, Chapter 25

Character Appearances:

Author: OJenn
Story: “Memoirs of a Legacy”
Characters Featured: Krystina, Lucas, Mel, Damien, Becca

Author: KitDragonFlight
Story: “Haunted House of Black Tricks”
Characters Featured: Mel, Lucas, Krystina

Author: BBQPenguinWings
Story: Spookytacular Special: #1 Spooky Scares & Creepy Tales
Characters Featured: Krystina

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